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We have two primary seasons in Texas usually…Hot and Cold. Our lives shift much like the world around us. It usually catches me off guard when I get up to [...]
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Working too hard!!

It has been a busy month! So busy I haven’t had a chance to journal, write letters, post blogs, or really move forward with the business at all. Maybe this [...]
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Generator Problems!

I was firing the kiln to complete these pieces (cone 6 to mature the glaze and the stoneware clay) when the generator’s noise changed from a low rumble to a [...]
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Day in the Life of a Potter

This is a picture my younger, active duty Marine self in Okinawa Japan on a 16 mile hike on goat paths in 1994! Instructing pottery shares more with this picture [...]
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Why Pottery?

I have been getting this question a lot in my mobile pottery workshops. Repeated questions and statements get my attention. They are almost always “X”s on the ground, depicting where [...]
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Blog Coming Soon

Hey everyone! I’ve got a lot of new stuff coming up soon. I can’t wait to tell you more about it too!But that’s coming soon. Check back later for more [...]
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