Our Mission

Yahweh, the name given to Moses from the burning bush, translates to 'I am' or 'It's me' in Hebrew, a name held so sacred that its utterance and inscription were considered forbidden.

Yahweh Pottery serves as a canvas for expressing my relationship with God in discreet and unobtrusive manners, forging connections and leaving a mark on lives. Our aspiration is for it to become a means for aiding others through numerous acts of service, while simultaneously nurturing our own passion for pottery and guiding others in shaping both clay and life.

Yahweh Pottery embodies our faith through understated gestures of love, support, and service. We are committed to effectively and efficiently putting ourselves out of business by teaching each of you how to do what we do.
Gratitude and Growth

A Message from Aaron

Hello, I'm Aaron Evans. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at 18 in 1992, mastering electronics repair in radio systems. Despite being labeled a 'smart guy,' my Marine Corps experience presented its own challenges, including multiple deployments to Okinawa, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

This journey brought both highs and hardships, such as unexpected divorces, deployments, and eventual disability, which took a toll on me and my children. Yet, the invaluable skills I acquired became the foundation for Yahweh Pottery.

During my pursuit of a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, I stumbled upon pottery. This degree aimed to empower people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. At the Art Station in Fort Worth, Texas, where I interned, pottery served as a therapeutic tool for counseling clients, allowing me to envision a new way of aiding people through pottery beyond traditional methods.

Acquiring a slightly damaged kiln for a few hundred dollars, my radio repair skills proved useful in its restoration. Armed with 50lbs of clay and YouTube tutorials, I began crafting with the modest goal of creating a coffee cup for myself.

Pottery offered me a retreat for introspection and presence, allowing peace and creativity to flourish as I worked with clay. Fast forward to today, where I lead workshops for veterans and the community, offering moments of respite from their bustling lives.

I cherish facilitating these workshops and witnessing participants find solace in creating pottery away from the chaos. I sell my creations to avoid clutter, each piece bearing a fragment of my story and a spark of passion. I invite everyone to discover this tranquility through pottery.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I'm open to all questions. I'm here to engage – I love questions.
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