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Yahweh Pottery offers immersive group workshops, professional kiln services, and exquisite custom-made pottery for sale, inviting individuals to explore the artistry and beauty of ceramics.

Destinie Lacy

From Aaron and clay, I have personally learned that it's okay to not have a plan all the time. It's okay to change your mind on the fly. It's even okay if you punch a hole in your wet clay mug, because you can patch it up in seconds, and you might just create something more beautiful as a result.

Aaron truly understands this craft and can easily recite the appropriate techniques and jargon, but you'll learn very quickly during a session that there are very few rules and absolutely no expectations. Just show up.

Fernanda Constante

Aaron is great! He is really patient and will show you all the little tricks to have a nice piece 👌🏼 his workshops are fun, definitely recommended ❤️❤️

Beth Simmons

I have had Yahweh lead two different private classes - one for adults and one for kids - and they were both fantastic! Everyone had a great time and Aaron is such a wonderful teacher.

I would highly recommend his classes for a couples get together, girls day, family fun night, kids play date, or any other gathering you can think of!

Cameron Behzadpour

Aaron offers some of the best classes to learn the ins and outs of pottery. His personalized workshops help you take your first steps on the journey of learning pottery. I never knew how relaxing and fun pottery was until I took his class!

Deirdre Skaggs

My husband and I wanted a unique experience to do together, and I came across Yahweh Pottery’s pottery making class. Aaron brought everything needed and instructed us in the comfort of our own home. He is so genuine and knowledgeable, and he’s a great teacher too!

We had a blast making our own coffee mugs and then decorating them (Aaron uses food safe materials!), and we are eager to do another class. I highly recommend Aaron’s Yahweh Pottery for anyone looking for something a little bit out of the norm to do with a partner or a group of friends!

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