Day in the Life of a Potter

This is a picture my younger, active duty Marine self in Okinawa Japan on a 16 mile hike on goat paths in 1994! Instructing pottery shares more with this picture than you might, at first, realize.

Let’s talk about what is the same:

Cleaning! Most of what I did back then as a younger Marine was clean. They say that “Every Marine is a basic rifleman”. This is true but every Marine is also a expert Janitor.

I sit down right now to write this after cleaning cups, brushes, tables, floors and sinks after a glazing session of two hours with one student!

Another quote from the Marine Corps is “Work hard, Play hard.” Even the worst situation (as in the picture above) with mosquitoes, 90% humidity, a 90lbs pack, and a weapon system to carry; pushed us toward the relaxation of free time where we were able to do what we wanted: relax and have fun!

This concept energizes my work with pottery and with students. I do the business aspects (which are boring to me) so that I get to instruct people and make pottery myself, which are both the most meaningful and fun to me!

Thanks for reading this blog and walking for a second with me on this journey. I hope that you find your way to balance!

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