We have two primary seasons in Texas usually…Hot and Cold. Our lives shift much like the world around us. It usually catches me off guard when I get up to darkness instead of a bright dawn.

In the same way, my life shifts and I struggle to hold onto things that are dying, or control the new things that want to burst into crazy growth!

For instance, the pottery workshops at a local bar that I have been leading will one day dry up and I must try something new. Balancing this means looking right now for new venues and exploring other options.

Another familiar way of expressing this is: Be ready for your favorite doors to close so that you are also ready to move into new doors that fling open.

We think comfort is our friend, we seek it, sell out for it, and hold on tight when we find it. Comfort is elusive and actually pretty impossible to nail down long term. Try to learn to be comfortable with a little discomfort. After all each season has its perks!

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