Working too hard!!

It has been a busy month! So busy I haven’t had a chance to journal, write letters, post blogs, or really move forward with the business at all.

Maybe this happens for you too. I committed to a lot of new things in this season. I am finding that I have this problem with ‘over committing’ which leads to ‘over quitting’!

All the new things were GOOD things: Volunteering at a homeless shelter, volunteering to do outreach with the local homeless population, free pottery workshops in the community, Farmer’s Market booths, and more.

They were all good avenues to try out, but now I am realizing and applying the concept of doing too many good things.

I read a book (“Dream Big” by Bob Goff). Bob discusses his weekly habit of quitting one thing on Thursdays. He is always on the lookout for a commitment which isn’t working, or is too much of a burden on his schedule. He is always looking for something pulling him away from who he wants to be.

I remember when I first read this concept. I decided to quit all of the ‘unhealthy’ time wasting activities in my life: social media, video games, movies, tv shows, and more. I think I added up about 8 habits that were wasting time. I quitted them all on a Thursday. I was absolutely miserable for the next two days. My wife spoke into my time of introspection: “maybe try quitting just one thing…like Bob Goff did.”

So in this season I am only going to quit one thing and see how it goes. So I adjusted that this morning. I have my eye on other things to get rid of, but I am going to take the slow approach, after all I am going for balance.

I hope you are able to benefit from this post. Thanks for reading!

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