Generator Problems!

I was firing the kiln to complete these pieces (cone 6 to mature the glaze and the stoneware clay) when the generator’s noise changed from a low rumble to a higher ‘idle’ sound. This would normally indicate to me that the kiln has reached the desired temperature and shut off.

I go out on the back porch to check on it and the kiln did not shut off! This means a problem with the generator.

I feverishly check the oil, the air filter, and restart the generator hoping the problem was a fluke and that it was now resolved. Nope! It is running fine but not putting out any voltage.

Then I wonder how hot did the kiln get…it might not have gotten to cone 6, but maybe cone 5. Then the pottery in the kiln would be mature enough.

I watched a few videos on generators and how to troubleshoot this problem, by the time I was done with that, I was completely exhausted!

I came back the next day to check on the stuff in the kiln and to try some things on the generator. Most of the items were not done…and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the generator.

I am finding that business is like a game of cards. You get a few good hands…a little money in the bank account. Then you get dealt a few bad hands. You could quit, but hopefully you know there are more good hands to come.

This morning I dropped the generator off at a guy that repairs them. He says that it will be a few days but it will work again.

The payment that we don’t expect and don’t often see is that every problem is an opportunity to meet new people…to form a crew of sorts. I found a guy that can probably keep my generator operating for years to come!

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